Specialists thrive when economic conditions are stable, but do generalists have the upper hand when labour markets become volatile?

Depth Over Distance

As the fifth industrial revolution rips through rapidly digitising economies, employees are starting to ask valid questions about the skills they will need to survive in the future.

Debate continues to rage over the merits of becoming a generalist or specialist in your chosen profession. …

An unusual day in the office ends in an unxpected twist.

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We last left my tale at a dramatic moment

The police officer emerged from the path running at full pelt, waving his arms, motioning us back. We complied without question.

“I’m calling the firearms unit, we need to cordon off the area. Don’t let anyone onto the path” he shouted disjointedly, gulping back air after…

Back in January, myself (@ ) and Peter White (@ ) were honored to host the first-ever Product Hunt Yorkshire meetup, meeting makers, entrepreneurs, and innovators from across the region.

To get to know everyone, we ran a workshop with an ambitious goal — to find the top blockers to startup growth in 2020 and find solutions.

What surprised us most was that these blockers were commonplace, irrespective of sector.

Startups from recruitment, property, and legal sectors were present, along…

Bethan Vincent

B2B Tech Marketer. Podcast Host @thebravelisten. Writing about work, resilience, tech & marketing. Newsletter .

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