Start-up Interview: Life Before Plastik, an online plastic-free shop

Bethan Vincent
4 min readFeb 5, 2020

The rise of zero waste/plastic-free shopping

There are two things I really love learning about; growing start-ups and reducing my impact on the planet. I’ve previously written at length about my search for zero-waste/plastic-free products.

Despite the growing awareness of the climate crisis, an increase in high-street zero-waste retailers and increasing consumer demand for plastic-free products, it’s still hard to find stockists for many alternatives.

(I’m personally also very reluctant to use Amazon to fill in the gap, both from a working conditions and sustainability point of view.)

Founded by sisters Trina and Charlie, Life Before Plastik is an online plastic-free store that is looking to change the status-quo.

Having met Trina previously in a professional context, I was really keen to find out more about the business, their plans for the future and how they are going to make plastic-free shopping accessible to all.

What inspired you to start Life Before Plastik?

“We both really care about the environment and wanted to make a difference by cutting down on our plastic use. It wasn’t easy to find one place to get all…



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